Dexter - Season One (2007)

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Genre(s) : Television, Drama
Director(s) : Michael Cuesta, Tony Goldwyn
Cast : C.S. Lee , David Zayas , Erik King , Glenn Plummer , James Remar , Jennifer Carpenter , Julie Benz , Keith Carradine , Lauren Velez , Mark Pellegrino , Matthew Willig, Max Gail , Preston Bailey , Michael C. Hall
Description : But the twist in this smart show is that Dexter chooses to prey only on other serial killers. As a child, Dexter was adopted by a cop (James Remar) who quickly realizes that his new son is no ordinary boy. Since Dexter is compelled to kill, his law-abiding father pushes him to choose his quarry in a way that will best benefit society. As Dexter grows older, he works as a blood splatter expert in Miami, giving him a close view of other murderers and their handiwork. Stylish and blackly comic, this drama is adapted from Jeff Lindsay's novel DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER. This release includes the entire first season, which largely focuses on Dexter's pursuit of the coldblooded Ice Truck Killer and his own efforts to evade detection.
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    Running Time : 650 mins
    Released : 08/21/2007

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