Doctor Strange (2007)

Rating :
Certificate : PG-13
Genre(s) : Blu-Ray, Fantasy, Animation
Director(s) : Jay Oliva, Richard Sebast, Patrick Archibald
Cast : Michael Yama, Tara Strong, Paul Nakauchi, Bryce Johnson, Kevin Michael Richardson
Description : Marvel Comics superhero and sorcerer supreme Dr. Stephen Strange protects the world from supernatural threats in this fast-paced animated actioner. Seeking to heal from a tragic past, Dr. Strange makes a life-altering journey to Tibet, where he meets and learns from the enigmatic Ancient One. As he begins to recover, he gains mystical powers and soon embarks on his mission of protecting humanity and saving the planet from destruction.
  • Additional details

    Running Time : 95 mins
    Released : 08/14/2007
    Screen Format : 1.78:1
    Sound formats : Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
    Subtitles : English, Spanish
    Languages : English

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